Personal Training and Coaching

Stress Management - Nutrition - Anti-Aging - Weight Control

Certified trainers helping you be the best you can be!



At Safety Harbor Resort and Spa, we encourage our guests to take home the sense of well-being and balance achieved at our spa retreat. We have carefully designed our life enrichment programs to problem areas most everyone can relate to at one time or another. Our coaching and personal training programs are geared to providing information, tips and techniques to help you make lifestyle changes that will continue long after you leave our resort and spa. Our trainers take a personal interest in each and every one of our guests, customizing the best possible plan for you and your individual needs. 

Topics include:
Stress Management
Total Wellness
Success Coaching
Weight Control
Conscious Aging
Wellness Lifestyle Series

Wellness is a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being, especially when maintained by proper exercise, eating and healthy habits. Safety Harbor Resort and Spa provides you with the essential tools you need to pursue ongoing developments of your own fitness goals to achieve optimal wellness.

Fitness Options:

  • Fitness Assessments - 45 Min, $ 50.00
  • Senior Fitness Assesment - 45 Min, $ 50.00
  • Body Composition - 20 Min, $ 25.00 

Personal Training
Personal training on land or in water
Personal Training for One – 50 min. ……$75
Personal Training for Two – 50 min. ……$100
Personal Training – 25 min………………$45
Swimming Lessons and Coaching
All ages and abilities – 30 min. …………$45

Prices do not include applicable taxes and service charges.

Fitness Training Packages
Personal training on land or in water
3-Thirty Minute Personal Training Sessions……….$109
6-Thirty Minute Personal Training Sessions……….$209
Pilates Reformer Training – 30 min………………..$50
Pilates Reformer Training – 45 min………………..$75
10-Thirty Minute Pilates Reformer Sessions………$400
10-Forty-Five Minute Pilates Reformer Sessions….$600

Fitness Training Packages listed above include applicable taxes and service charge. Note: Must be 16 to work with a trainer.

Health and Wellness Options:

  • Nutrition & Wellness Consultation - 60 Min, $ 80.00
  • Healthy Aging - 60 Min, $80.00
  • Stress Management - 60 Min, $80.00
  • Success Coaching - 60 Min, $80.00
  • Weight Management & Wellness Series - $250.00

 Prices do not include applicable taxes and service charge.